Upcoming workshop in Colombo: September 3

On September 3, I will be hosting a workshop at the International Center for Ethnic Studies in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The workshop is entitled, “Hidden Voices:  Gendered Experiences of Marginalization and Recovery in Sri Lanka”.

The aim of this one day exploratory workshop is to bring together stakeholders from different sectors of society and from different disciplines, professions and countries in order to have an inclusive dialogue around gendered transition processes in Sri Lanka. This workshop will create a space to work through ideas, and to share understandings and perspectives in relation to gender, memory and everyday aspects of violence, reconciliation and healing. It will also lay the foundations and help shape the future direction of “Hidden Voices” and contribute to building networks in Sri Lanka and internationally.

Centrally, this workshop also looks to draw out the potential ways that the “Hidden Voices” project might support and feed into Sri Lankan community transition processes, particularly relating to gender concerns, through artistic, academic or other avenues.

Registration is open to all, though is required in advance. For more information and to reserve your place you can visit:


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